Ahoy, I'm Flint.

For the past 20+ years, I’ve been teaching people how to create their truly unique offer, how to brand, market and sell it with ease and integrity and ultimately build a wildly successful soul business as a foundation for their Ideal Dream Life.

Welcome to your next exciting step on our way into a better Tomorrow! I'm here for you so that we can all work, learn, and grow together. Let's rock this!


PS: Yeah, I'm really living on this beautiful island that you see in the background. More about my own Dream Life Setup you can find


Welcome to your Purpose-Driven Future DreamLife!

The Mentor

Good leaders have good teams. Great leaders have great guides.

In the coming days, I will fill my new website more and more with interesting content. But it will take a while. Reason: In early June 2023, the Launch of the brand new Flint.Academy will happen. Yay!

What can you expect to experience soon?
Well, read on! 👇🏻

Let's build a better Tomorrow today. Together.

The Visionary

In 2002, I predicted the Future accurately. Last year, I did it again.

I have built so much cool stuff over the last years that I finally have all streamlined, updated, and aligned with each other.

Just a few examples:

A supercool (and scientifically validated!) free Purpose Personality Test!

Based on your results there: 5 different multimedia eBooks, also for free!

A low-cost 3-hour Mini-Course to show you how to create a Purpose-driven Business in just 3 days!

A new Community of like-hearted Purposepreneurs!

And a free 2-part Workshop to show you what the Future brings and how to prepare for this!

Cool, right? 🤩

Changing the World starts with YOU.

The Educator

I can see our Future (it's gonna be awesome!). And I can teach you how to prepare for it.

I have been working on all this for the better part of a year now. And I can't wait to show you what I have built to help you to get ready for an exciting next 5-10 years.

All on my own, High-Quality, valuable, actionable, entertaining and full of great strategies, tools, and ideas for a better Tomorrow (my slogan since 2000).

🚀 Stay tuned! ✨

"If we want to have a better Life tomorrow,
we have to make better Decisions today."

- Marc Flint

The Inspirator

All good things need time to grow.

So I hope you forgive me if the links here on this page don't work yet and you have to wait a bit longer to be blown away.

If you want, you can in the meantime become a free member in our brand new Facebook™️ group:


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Until then: Best of luck + success for you!




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